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Sending Mail to Your Scout

posted Jul 10, 2014, 9:20 PM by Philip Maas
From the Sabattis website...

"Please send all the letters and post cards that you want but do not call unless it is an emergency.  Remember we are in a remote area of the woods and phone service is limited.  The camp phone is for business and other emergencies.  Mail takes about 4 days to get to camp, so start mailing Wednesday the week prior to your son coming to camp.

Sabattis Scout Reservation
Scouts Name
Troop #
HCO 1, Box 3
Long Lake, NY 12847

Please Note

Use regular USPS mail only for letters and packages – DO NOT USE PRIORITY, OVERNIGHT, FEDERAL EXPRESS, or UNITED PARCEL SERVICE ? they do not deliver to camp. These services require a signature and it is 18 miles one way to town where we have to send someone to pick packages up. These services will delay your mail by 3-4 additional days. We will not make a special trip to town just for packages.

Reaching Sabattis by Phone

Emergency Phone Number Only: (518) 359-9283"